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4 - Data Explorer


Hey everyone,

To manage a safe workplace in a studio, individuals receive a tracker each day to measure their interactions. The end goal is to assess anyone who has qualified as having “close contact” with another person. These trackers measure interaction events per the above image.

How do I total up multiple records to provide a summary of a device and display it in a concise format?

Yes, I can group by day, by unit, and then filter and sort the data, but the QTY of records I get at the end of a day is quite large, and this will end up being slow and messy. I am really after a quick 40,000’ view summarising any individual that exceeds a total duration of 15minutes of contact… Ideally, I get the totaled summary of the device and put it in a chart, but I’m struggling with getting a quick summary or rollup of the totals at this point.

Open to any suggestions from all the airtable gurus out there!

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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