Create a duplicate record that also duplicates linked records field

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4 - Data Explorer

New user here!

I have a projects table and a tasks table. In my projects table, I have a record (a single project) that contains a linked records field from my tasks table (multiple tasks related to my single project).

I would like to duplicate this record (single project) along with creating duplicate linked records (tasks).

As it stands, the “project copy” does not create copies of linked records (“task copies”). Instead, the original linked records are associated with the “project copy.”

Essentially I want to make a “project copy,” that contains “tasks copies.”

How do I achieve this?


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Duplicating both a record and its linked records is a multi-step process in the Airtable user interface. You have to manually duplicate the linked records, manually duplicate the parent record, and then manually adjust the links.

This process can be simplified with scripting.

Thanks for the warm welcome and solution!

I can start with the manual process and definitely will dive deeper to learn more about scripting.