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Create form with events for this week?

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I want to have a base with all my events listed in one table.
In another table (presumably) I want to have a record that automatically is populated with this week’s events. This will be linked to a form that participants can use to choose which events they will be attending this week.

I have figured out how to isolate all the events happening this week on the first table, but not how to auto-populate the second table with those events and dates, so that I can create a form with those dates.

Basically, I am trying to do an automated Transposed Copy from one table to another, but only with the records that match this weeks’ Weeknum.

I think I am missing something rather simple, but can’t figure this out, even with searching for help.

Thank you.

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Hi @M_T1 and welcome to the community!

You can create a view in your Events table, filtered by the current week. In your other table, you can create a form with the linked field to the Events table in it, and “limit selection to a view” (choose the view you just created in your Events table).