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Create Record action in a create record automation does not work

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4 - Data Explorer

I created a automation “When record is created” and added an action to create another record in another table - the new record in the other table should get field values from the created record in step-1. The automation does not take those values from the record - they are empty. It seems that the record of step-1 is not created yet (like a DB commit). Other field values that are set with fixed values are taken into the new record, but every field that should be taken from step-1 are empty :frowning: Any suggestion what is wrong here?

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“When record is created” triggers as soon as you create the new record. This means that it always triggers when the record is blank, unless the record is created through a submitted form or the API.

So in your case, you will probably want to trigger the automation in some other way, such as checking a checkbox field.

Thats it! It works when I use my form. Just for test I inserted the record directly in the table view. Thanks a lot for your advice :pray: