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Create the ultimate Home base (with todo's synced and such)

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Hi all,

lovely to be part of this community :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking for a way to create badass overview over all of my tasks, from a homescreen base. I would want a simple homebase that shows me what to focus my attention on, pulled from different tables in different bases

a) posts and articles that are in a specific phase (pulled from table 1 in base a)
b) tasks (pulled from table 2 in base a)
c) tasks (pulled from base b t/m infinite) ← my clients have their own base
d) trigger reminders from a script i run (pulled from table 3 in base a)

Is this doable?

Is this the right setup? What with the clients all having their own base and such.

Love to hear y our perspective on this. Thanks for you time!

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