Creating a dynamic form that check dataset in database and then allows to choose an option

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Hello everyone,

Newbie on airtable here. I want to set up 2 databases and a form in airtable where the first database will hold unique email addresses and second database will hold a set of numbers with status “free” or “taken”. The form will be made available to my audience where they enter their email and choose a number say between 1-300.

The logic I am trying to set up is when someone enters their email in the form, they choose a number and submit the form, airtable checks if the email exists in the database and if the chosen number is “free” or “taken”.

If an email address does not exist, an error message will show email is not valid.

If email exist in database and number is “taken”, show message this number is no longer available.

If email exist in database and number is “free”, show message this number has been reserved for you and user receives an email confirming the number he reserved.

I have been trying to set this up but its kinda complex to me. Is this possible with airtable and if so any tips or help is most welcome.


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Hi @Amal_Auckloo, Airtable forms are quite limited in their functionality and basically only allow for adding new records to a table. Your use case is way more involved with a lot of custom validation (does email address exist already etc.).

I would try tools like Softr, Stacker, Noloco etc., in which you might be able to create a workaround to make this happen. Otherwise this is a use case for a custom built.

Alternatively, you could do the validation AFTER the user submitted. That would be possible in Airtable with the help of scripts (e.g. automatically checking if an email address is a duplicate).


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Hi AM,

Actually I want to do something similar as your workflow. Did you figure out how to do it? I would appreciate some useful information.

Thank you.