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Creating an invoicing date everymonth

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I have a table with all customers to be invoiced. They are to be invoiced monthly on a set date. I have a data creation date as well as the day to be invoiced (i.e. every 25th of the month, the fields is only 25)

I want to create the following: from the creation date (for example may 10th), create the next date that is day 25 (therefore may 25th).

is there a formula to do this?

Thank you!

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Is it always the 25th? Even if that falls on a weekend?

You should be able to do this in a formula by taking the Month and Year of Created Date, then smashing that together with 25 as the day. Probably a good idea to then turn that into a date format so you can use it later.


One thing to keep in mind, it the created date is the 26, it is not going to jump into the next month’s 25th. It could but that would be a little more work.