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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,

Thanks for the help to start with-

If I use a form, is there anyway to have that info automatically feed in to my AirTable- I.E. I have an AirTable that requires alot of info for the different blocks. I was thinking it might be easier for my VA’s to simply fill out a form- Then that form feed the answers in to the correct AirTable. Is there an easy way to do that?

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If you use Airtable’s build-in “Form” views and share those out as your forms, then this is precisely what those forms will do. When your users fill out and submit the form, the data they entered will correspond directly with fields in your Airtable database, and will be entered directly into your database.

A limitation to be aware of, however, with Airtable’s built-in Forms, is that they can only feed data into one table at a time. You can’t have a native Airtable Form that sends data input by the Form user to two or more different tables. All the data will correspond to fields in a single table.

This can be worked around with clever use of the Automations feature, if you are on a “Pro” plan, or in a more manual fashion with the Scripting Block.