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Creating mail merge

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i have linked tables in my base for Organizations, Contacts, and Applications. i want to be able to select a set of applications and send them all a letter. the Applications are linked to the Organizations, as are the Contacts.

if i filter for a set of records in Applications, how can i export information from the related records in Organizations and Contacts to get the address, people’s names and titles, and emails to create my excel doc for my mail merge? i can’t be the first person who has wanted this. sorry if it’s obvious, i’m new to this.


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Hi @cori_parrish,

The way I do this is using Zapier is as follows:

  1. Make a view with a Ready for Zap checkbox, filter on the ticked items.

  2. Use Lookup Fields to bring the data you want to that view/table.


ok I had the same problem, I created a grid and filter all the information I needed for the spreadsheet to copy and paste into excel. Once that’s done, I create the mail merge in word and select the information from excel and completed the mail merge.

That should help you a lot.

My problem is how to put the letters back into Airtable. lol I have been looking for a solution but can’t find one. so maybe you can help me on that end.

Hope this works for you.

i signed up for formstack. it’s not cheap, but it auto-creates the documents, and then you can put them into an attachment type field.