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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I am currently editing my base and trying to create different grids within one section. However, whenever I create a new grid, it copies the data and information from the first grid in the section. How do I prevent this?

ETA: this is happening in multiple bases. All new grid views are populating with the same data across all bases.

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Hi @UMass_Marcom_Group,
Welcome to Airtable.

Everything is working as it should.

In your Base, you have a series of Tabs (these are called Tables in Airtable)
Tables are made up of Rows (Records) and Columns (Fields)
A table can have many Views (these are the items on the left)
A view is a Filtering, Sorting or Grouping of all the data in a Table.

Creating a new Grid view in a table is going to show you all data in that table, apply filters, sort or grouping and rename the View to save that layout of the data.

If you have a table that contains one topic, for example Customers and you want to add another topic for example Company to your data, create a new Table and add to that table. If these two topics share a common link like an Employee works at a Company, you then link those two records together and changes are reflected across the tables.

By default a table will start with a Grid style view layout. There are other layouts like Kanban, Calendar… again these are all just View layouts of all the data in that table.

Welcome to the community, @UMass_Marcom_Group!

@Vivid-Squid gave you all the perfect information above that you would need to know.

And since you are brand new to Airtable for the very first time, you would probably benefit greatly from taking my free Airtable training course.

I cover the topic of Views in depth, along with all the other topics that you would need to know for getting started with Airtable: