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4 - Data Explorer

I need help with inventory management. What I’m trying to accomplish is using my current inventory of a product to create another product that will lower the inventory count of the products it takes to create the the new one.

For example let’s say we’re selling fruits

I have oranges, apples, bananas and kiwi that I sell all individually however I also want to offer them as a package deal so whenever I create that package the inventory of all the fruits involved lowers as well by the number it takes to make that.

More in-depth I want it to take X apples and X kiwi but those numbers may be different from each other.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Chris_Holmquist
This should not be too difficult to set up.

I would start with another table that links to Inventory where you build up the packaged deals from the items listed in inventory.

If you have another Table to track your orders, when you sell either one apple or a bundle of apples and kiwis you can have them count and accommodate when updating the total inventory stock.

Hey @Vivid-Squid thanks for the idea!

So I’m brand new to Airtable. I guess I’m confused on do I have one table with the single items and then use a new table to create the combos and link those combos with the other inventory of singles?

Well, that’s one idea which took me down a rabbit hole.

I built a concept, but got a little wild with lookups and roll ups. However it does what you are asking. You can make a copy of the base to see what I did: Airtable - Demo copy copy

In the first table is Full Stock count and a formula of existing stock when either a product or bundle is ordered. The second table is the bundles of items from products and a break out of how many of each are in the bundle. The last table is orders, can order a single product or a bundle and list how many of each are ordered. The current stock on the first table only updates when then Sold box is checked.

I started with 50 of each Apple, Kiwi, Orange. I sold 20 individual Apples and 2 bundles of Apple and Kiwi that contain 5 of each fruit. So that would leave me with 20 apples, 40 kiwi and all 50 orange.

This might not be the most elegant way, and I dont think its very scalable but you can see some concepts.

@Vivid-Squid thanks! I greatly appreciate it. I’ll look into the demo and see what you did!

Hey @Vivid-Squid! One question so when I use your demo and place and order for apple and orange bundle at a quantity of 1 it will subtract 10 of each instead of the 5 it says in the bundle.