Creating several elements - Instructors that can teach that course, are only avail for that course

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hey all, sorry this topic sort of covers not only bases, but also interfaces so forgive me.

We have a few items

  1. Courses that have a field of "Who Can Teach", this field is populated from a linked field
  2. That linked field is currently derived from a synced table, Staff.  
  3. Another base has scheduling of clients, that uses the Main Instructor field to schedule an instructor.

The idea is:

When someone schedules a specific course, the Main Instructor field will only show instructors that have been "assigned' or elected that they can teach said course.  We use emails as a keyid across the bases, so it can't be a lookup for per se as certain automations don't work well with lookups along with other reasons lookups aren't always useful.  They have to be able to be selected by someone, and not just a list.

Then there is the idea of an interface for the instructors to add themselves to a list of courses.  We have a spreadsheet where this was done for some existing courses, but it's very tedious and has to be re-entered into AT so that it can be used.


Any ideas folks?




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