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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

For the plus or pro plan, how many creators or editors do you get? I see that you get Up to 5 creators or editors under the Free Plan.

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Every editor/creator collaborator becomes billable in the non-free plans. Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the pricing page for details.

Ahhh, I missed the “per seat” in the header of the plan. So the 6th person and more become billable because the free plan offers up to five, right? And thanks for all your help.


I imagine you lose the 5 free editors/creators when upgrading as these are considered “seats.”

Unfortunately, I only have access to free and enterprise plans so perhaps someone else/Airtable support can confirm.


Yeah, I am still waiting to hear from support. They advised me to visit the forum.

All users with comment or higher privileges in a Plus of Pro workspace are billable. The only free users in Plus and Pro are read-only users. 

So if you have a free plan with five editor/creators and need to add a sixth editor, you have to pay for all six users. 

Thanks, @kuovonne! I can see why this would be confusing when the pricing page for Plus says "Everything in Free, plus:" and Free says "Up to 5 creators or editors" included. 🤔

 the pricing page for Plus says "Everything in Free, plus:" and Free says "Up to 5 creators or editors" included.

This is a case where I think Airtable gets very careful with its wording. Free workspaces allow "up to 5 creators or editors", and Plus allows unlimited creators/editors, so it does include "everything in free". It just doesn't include it for free.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

AirTables billing is the worst IMO. 5 free editors in the free plan, and in every paid plan, you have to pay for them. Doesn't make any sense and it also the reason we aren't switching to AirTable