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Re: CSV Download Issues from Shared Airtable View

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
I have shared an Airtable view with one of my clients. They work at a Blue Cross plan with high IT security. The person is trying to download the view as a CSV. Here's what she said: "When we have it up and then I try to download our report (using download CSV) it states, “Preparing CVS download..” but then nothing pops up/opens up to us to download the report." I've attached 2 images that she sent me showing how it hangs. 

I advised her to do the following (and the same issue is showing up, not only on her computer, but also a colleague's):

1) Log out of Airtable and log back in, then try again
2) Clear your browser cache and try again
3) Restart computer and try again
4) Try login on a different browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.  

Please advise if there is something I need to do, or instruct her on?
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Personally I'd just ask her to talk to her IT team, doesn't seem like something on your end