Re: Custom Interface - Looking for the official name of a feature if it exists

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is there a built in way to input data other than the standard views, such that it looks like page designer?

It’s definitely not page designer that I’m looking for, but imagine if you designed a page using page designer, and you were actually able to input data in that format rather than just view it. That would be amazing! I’m pretty sure this exists, but whenever I ask someone or Google it, it just brings me back to page designer. I think it might have been called “custom input interface,” but I really need to know the real name! Thank you!

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There is only one way to do this right now, and it is called On2Air: Amplify.

@Vanessa_Molano you sure that wasn’t the input.config iscreen of the scripting app? Also, you might actually be remembering Page Designer, think this used to be an early beta feature that was near-instantly deprecated or something (who’d have thought PDFs + user input don’t mix).

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I took an Airtable survey, they sneak peaked this type of functionality.

Thanks Allen, yeah I guess it’s still not out yet. I was trying to recall the name of it from taking that survey. Do you remember the name?

Hi Dominik, thank you! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the scripting app. It’s definitely not Page Designer either, as that was what I was trying to distinguish my request from. If you’ve ever used Access or LibreOffice Base, you’d see that you can really nicely view and edit data in a full screen record view. Like Allen said below, I think it’s actually a feature that hasn’t come out yet, but they were surveying us to see if we would use it.

Thank you Scott, I actually ended up trying that out. It’s a good holdover for now. I wish it would actually use the full screen, but overall it works well. Thank you for the recommendation!

It has a full screen mode.