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Dark Mode on Airtable

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what’s wrong with you Airtable, :confused: why aren’t you listening to us, we’ve been asking you for a dark mode for a long time, almost everyone has a dark mode, why don’t you, help us keep our eyesight for longer, please Airtable, it’s time to. DarckMode.

App to Mac

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Agreed! I would love a dark mode.

Still no news :frowning: I hope you listen to us

Seems like no one is listening @Airtable. Dark Mode has now become such an expected, standard feature for all users of (web)apps!

Sad to comment this still isn’t a feature (please AT!).


I recently stumbled upon this browser extension that does a good job. It generally works, but sometimes sticky top nav bars do weird things and you have to refresh the page.

Better than being stuck in this past ecosystem of day/dark mode enablement.

+100, dark mode is an accessibility feature for me, I can’t see the screen without it

lets make it happen

Please make DarkMode! My eyes have trouble viewing anything now when it’s not on Dark Mode. I may need to switch tools if this isn’t resolved soon, as my eyes need DM!

+1 for dark mode. This is 2022.

+1 for dark mode. Thanks!

Yes please! I get blinded by this giant wall of bright white every time i switch to the airtable tab…


Yep, time for DarkMode. Overdue. Six monitors on one computer. Absolutely need dark mode.

+100 for Dark mode.

Seriously is anybody at Airtable listening to the user’s needs and market trends?

+1 for Dark Mode… please!!! (On all platforms)

Really surprised that Airtable does not have dark mode. If this is not in the roadmap, we will have to switch to something else. Sorry about that. My eyes cannot take light mode.

Having dark mode is really a must for this day and age. Please listen to us Airtable

Hi Airtable,

Is it possible to create a dark mode in airtable or is it impossible?
Please let us know so we close this question.

1 year later, no still dark mode! On Safari for Mac though I’ve been using Neo Noir extension when I really need dark mode for Airtable, and it’s been working great so far!
There are other extensions for different browsers that will work great, but for people who are extra careful with privacy, all those extensions require full page access, so it can pretty much read what’s on the page and read any data you’re entering.

+1 for dark mode please. Maybe time to listen to your users, don’t you think ?

Thank you,