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Re: Date-based notifications?

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I have an Employee Directory Base. My employees have professional licenses that have expiration dates. Is there a way to have it notify myself and/or the employee when the expiration date is coming up?

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I would make a new view “Licenses Expiring Soon” with a filter Expiration Date > “Is Within” > “The Next Month” or however soon you want to be notified.

Then use a Zapier integration “Get notifications about new Airtable records in a view via email”

Hi Rebecca

Natively, in airtable, you could create a filtered view which would contain people due (say in the next month) those who’d expiration dates are approaching.

A better alternative would be to use Zapier or Integromat to alert you on the relevant day. I would use Integromat for this particular requirement because it’s able to query an Airtable base such that you could have the process run once a day and look for records with, say, today’s date as a reminder date - this is simpler that having to set a specific filtered Airtable view to filter records for Zapier.

Hope this helps!

Hi Julian,

What is the code to do this in Integromat? I am trying to receive an email or slack notification about tasks when their due dates are 3 and 10 days away.

If you’re using Slack, you can do as @drassi suggests and create formula fields that use DATETIME_DIFF() to flag records where due dates are 3 and 10 days away. Then create a view filtered to show records new to that view, one that shows records where {Due In 3} = 1' and another showing records where{Due in 10} = 1`. Finally, follow the instructions here to use Airtable’s built-in Slack integration to send notification whenever a record enters one or the other view…

Hi @Eliza_Salmon

To answer the specific question about Integromat, you would use a Search Record option looking something like this (for the 3 day test):

Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 11.58.51.png

Note that the Formula uses Airtable’s formula syntax.

Whatever you want to do next would then run for each record which matches the criteria. It’s even fairly simple to group together records so that a person could get a single email listing all tasks due that day.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks to you both. I was able to use Zapier after creating two separate views for 3 days out and 10 days out.

Hey @Julian_Kirkness ,

I’m trying to do something very similar with Integromat where I am alerted by email when certain employment length milestones are hit, see image below. It keeps saying Formula invalid but it appears to be correct, what am I missing? Field is Employment Length (Y) and I want the trigger to be once the field (which is a calculated formula field) says “0 years, 3 months”.


Hi @Scott_Lusignan

Just tried a similar search:

Screenshot 2019-08-21 at 19.40.24.jpg

and it worked as expected - I even tried changing the field name to {Length of employment (Y)} and it still worked (I wondered about the brackets in the field name). Have you checked you don’t have a typo in the field name?


Wow, embarassing. I shortened the field to make it simpler and it must have been something where I missed a parenthesis . Thanks again Julian, brilliant as always.

Hi I’ve been searching on an automation to send email for reminders - but it seems i am getting a formula error “The operation failed with an error. The formula for filtering records is invalid: Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.”

and can’t figure out what i am doing wrong :frowning: Can anyone advise?