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Default non-clipped field text when using Web Clipper block

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I have a field I want to always have filled with default text. I’ve configured the field in my view to be “prefilled” with some text by default.

(This works fine when I manually add new rows inside AirTable… the field gets prefilled.)

However, when I use the Web Clipper block, that field doesn’t get prefilled. Web Clipper also doesn’t allow me to add a fixed piece of data to every new field I add using it.

Any recommendations?

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Hey Joey – at the moment (as you’re aware) default values set from a field’s configuration menu don’t apply to records added by form or web clipper block. This is something we’d like to eventually improve, but don’t have a timeline for doing so.

What type of field are you populating via the web clipper block for which you’d like the default value to apply? Happy to log this as a request with the team.


I needed to add a bcc email address field that will have identical data in every record (to overcome a limitation of the SendGrid block).

I figured out your recommendation in another of my posts to use the email address as a formula, rather than as a text field with automatic prefill, and that appears to work for this use case!