Design choices, different tables or views?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I manage work at different properties. For example the work might be washing or cleaning or reporting maintenance issues.

Would I be better off creating different tables for different activities or creating different views in the same large table that only shows what’s relevant for the different activities?

I want to ensure I make good choices up front before possibly finding I made bad choices later.

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The best way to answer that is asking yourself questions like:

a) Will I want to look at all a Property’s activity at once?

If yes: use Views. If no: use Tables.

b) Do different activities need unique fields (i.e. do cleaning activities need a “products used” field, but maintenance issues do not)?

If yes: use Tables. If no: use Views.

Thanks. That’s a very clear answer. I wasn’t expecting the answer to be so cut and dry and easy to apply.

Very happy. Thanks.