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I have a free account with a 2GB limit on image storage. Is there some way I can tell what amount of storage I have already used with uploaded images in my base?

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Welcome to the community, @11131! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Go to your account page (from any base, or your workspace view), select a workspace, and in the “Usage” section on the right you’ll see how much space has been used by each base.

Thanks for the quick response! For some reason, my display doesn’t align with your description, but I was able to find the usage statistics at the very bottom of the workspace settings page. Nice to know where to look as I continue to add data!

You might have opened your community account page, which isn’t tied to your actual Airtable account (even though they share the same login). The workspace settings page that you found is the same thing you see when following my instructions above. Click on your profile image in either your main workspace view, or within any base, and you should see “Account” in the menu. Clicking that will open a new tab/window, with all of your workspaces listed on the left. Clicking any of those displays the settings for the selected workspace.

got it! Thanks again.