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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is there a way to disable commenting on records? For what we do, the comment feature is not needed, and we have instructed our users to use a field in the base called “Change Note” instead, as that ties in with our integrations through Zapier whereas the comments don’t and the comments also stay forever.

However, our userbase is not exactly the best at following clear and explicit instructions. So I’m hoping there’s a way to make it so that we can disable commenting, thus eliminating the temptation to not follow instructions to use the “Change Note” field.

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You can only disable commenting by giving a collaborator read-only permissions:

It is true that comments don’t stick around forever, and even more importantly, comments are not backed up in Airtable’s snapshots. (Although you can manually duplicate a base into your workspace to preserve comments.)

If you can’t make someone a read-only collaborator, and you’re still having problems with them typing in comments, then you would need to turn to an external portal tool such as or