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7 - App Architect

I’m currently using a four-step Zapier recipe to append the record URL to a newly created record. I’d MUCH rather just have Airtable do this automatically… Does anyone know if that’s possible (the key word is automatically, since I know how to do this manually)?

As I discover something new about Airtable almost everyday, I’m wondering if I have just missed this functionality somewhere. Thanks!


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Assuming you already know the table and view portions of the URL (‘tblxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ and ‘viwxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ portions), you can simply append RECORD_ID(); e.g.,


Or am I missing soimething?

@W_Vann_Hall I think he wants something like RECORD_URL().

I think you could do it with Zapier.

Yes, but the table and view portions of the URL don’t appear to change — and, I would assume, for him originally to have been doing it with Zapier, are a fixed and known quantity. Or is there an ur-record URL of which I’m not aware, one unbound to table and view?

I think you could do it with Zapier.

Yes — but the OP is looking for a way to do so without using Zapier.

Thanks for the input. Here’s some more detail around the use case. I have many forms for a multi-table base. I don’t necessarily have complete data when filling out a form, so I generate a table of incomplete forms for review at the end of the day (rather than searching table by table). Since the records in the “LOG” table of incomplete forms has the record URL, I just click on the record URL to complete each record.

I do this with a Zapier formula (actually, I have one formula for EACH table in the base).
Step 1. Trigger on a new record and grab the RECORD_URL
Step 2. Find the record RECORD_URL
Step 3. Append the RECORD_URL to a field in the record (for future reference only)
Step 4. Create a record in “LOG” table with the name of the record and the record URL

This multistep zap is performing reliably but it really eats up my allotted zap total each month. I can do some of the job with IFTTT, which is free, but IFTTT can’t update an existing record.

What I was looking for, I suppose, is a formula or function or special field (like CREATED DATE). Before I made a feature request, I thought I’d check in with the users to see if there was already such as formula/function/field.


I know I must be missing something…

…and I suspect it has to do with this step:

I generate a table of incomplete forms for review at the end of the day

So, am I correct in understanding you have a table (created in some manner — perhaps another form?) that consists entirely of records containing links to records from a number of tables? And that your end-of-day activity is to go through this table of links, selecting each one and filling in the missing data?

The table (“Log registry”) is populated automatically in the fourth step of the Zap. It requires no manual actions. Think of it as a task list, collecting tasks (in my case, incomplete forms) from multiple tables in the same base. It’s marginally faster than running through each of the tables to look at an “incomplete” view. I embed my Log Registry on a web page.


So your Zap checks each form for completeness and creates a list (so to speak) of all incomplete forms?

Actually, I have an “incomplete form” view in each Airtable table that filters for empty fields. When a record appears in that view, it triggers the Zapier recipe, which appends the name, table, date and record URL to the list of all incomplete forms. I have a “Today” view on the latter table, which is my daily list.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Ughhh. This is what I was looking for… a function that returns the record ID. I think @W_Vann_Hall was suggesting that a formula field of the form:” & Record_ID

would work as long as I knew the table ID and the view ID. I do, and it does. Apologies for missing this before posting.