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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Is it possible to display all the data in the card view? Right now it will only display a maximum of three fields.

Also, can you permanently hide fields in the gallery view, even when expanded? I need some data to display in the expanded view (but not all of it such as record ID) as opposed to the preview.

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Hi @Deko

You can choose “customize cards” above your first record and choose which fields you want to see.


The only option you have is that the hidden fields are put behind the “x hidden fields” bar below the visible fields. There is no way to not show them in any way. In other words, they are always accessible.


I have everything toggled on, but the card is still only showing the first three fields.

I know how to hide fields, I just need some to not show at all…ever, even when the gallery card is expanded.

I guess it is still not possible to double hide some fields yet, which is a shame.

If we’re talking about the Kanban view, but also the Gallery view, your cards should expand and show you all the selected fields. Are you selecting them in the Kanban/Gallery view itself (and not in, eg, a gridd view)


Not at the back end, no, but the hidden fields won’t show if you share the view.