Does Customer Service Exist at AT?

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Is anyone else having issues with their JPEG and AI Files changing colors when you upload them? This is a business-critical issue and help support is not answering back. I've been trying to connect with them for a week and all that happens is pointing me back to either the Help Center or Message Center. I've even tried sales with no luck. I am on a Pro workspace plan, but maybe I have to upgrade to Business for AT to care? Right now it appears AirTable doesn't have customer service available. So far it's only been bots and salespeople.

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They don't have too many salespeople available either -- check out this thread.

Recently, Airtable made the unfortunate & alarming decision to end all customer service and technical support for any customers who are not on the Business or Enterprise plans.

The tech support team also doesn't monitor this community forum — it's just fellow Airtable users like you & me. (I'm also an Airtable consultant, too.)

So you would likely need to upgrade to the business plan to get someone to respond to you.

This sounds like a major problem in Airtable, so hopefully you can get this resolved or it would be a major deal-breaker for your business (or any graphic design business) to use Airtable.

As a workaround, you could store your images in a cloud file service like Dropbox or Google Drive, and just store the links in Airtable.

If you go down the path of this workaround, you could even automate this process (which is what my Airtable consulting clients do). My clients use Make to automatically monitor new files when they are added to Google Drive, and then the links are automatically added to Airtable.