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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Every week I add about a dozen fields to my base that are the same field type (and only updated to the current date). (The group each week includes the same field types in the group, however, they are not all the same field type, make sense?) For example, Revenue x/x/xx (dollar, integer), Date created x/x/xx (date field), new accounts x/x/xx (number, integer), …etc

Is there a way I can do this in a batch as opposed to creating each new field?

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You should never have the need to be duplicating fields on a regular basis. What you should be doing is creating new records, not new fields.

The only way to programmatically create new fields is with a custom app. However, I do not recommend this for your use case.

Having very wide tables is often a holdover from a spreadsheet mindset. However, what works in a spreadsheet is not always the best solution when moving to a database format.

I suggest you redesign your base so that you do not need to add new fields each week. Also note that there is a hard limit of 500 fields per table.

If you are open to redesigning your base, feel free to post more about your current base structure and your workflows. If you do not want to post more about your base publicly, feel free to book an appointment to discuss your situation.

That wouldn’t work for a couple of reasons, first, the records are created a updated via the CSV import tool. Second, I use formulas with those fields.

The only way to create a new formula field is manually in the user interface.

That will be unsustainable in the long run for anything that you may want to do in the future such as creating automations, doing reporting, linking records, and yes — even creating formulas. Amongst other problems, such as the 500 field limit that @kuovonne mentioned.