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Re: Duplicating fields, for 1-6 products the same questions?

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Hi there, I have a form/table to help customers request between 1-6 products.

do i just copy and paste the same fields 6 times in case the customer wants 6? or, there must be a better way?


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UPDATE: Please see the bottom solution instead.

Depends. If customers are only selecting one of each product, you can try changing the field type to multi-select.

It’ll look like this:

Products (multi-select)
Product1, Product3

But if they need to specify quantity, I’d probably split it up. So:

Product 1 (checkbox)
Product 1 Quantity (integer)
Product 2 (checkbox)
Product 2 Quantity (integer)

Hi - yes, ty so much - each product has a different quantity…

UPDATE: Please see the bottom solution instead.

Another idea (which has scaling limitations as well).

Product 1 (single select)

Product 1 Quantity (integer)

Product 2 (single select)

Product 2 Quantity (integer)

Ideally you’d have a dynamically growing interface as demonstrated below, but Airtable doesn’t yet support it.

Product (single select): Oranges
Quantity (integer): 2
[+ button to add another product]

Not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but linked records is the proper solution. If you split orders and products into separate tables, you can have users generate multiple products per order form. In the Orders table there is a field called Products which will contain references to rows in the Products table.

Orders (table)
Products (linked record field)

Products (table)
Quantity (integer field)
Color (single select field)