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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am a Learning Design Coach for a virtual school and we use forms in AT to schedule our live lessons. Is there any way to have forms duplicate so for teachers who host live lessons every Wednesday (for example) can enter one form and have it repeat every Wednesday? Thank you very much!

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This is only possible with MiniExtensions:

I have a couple questions about your use case but id like to try to help.
What is the purpose of the form/why do the teachers submit a form in the first place?
What type of data is in the table the form falls into when submitted?
What exactly is it you need to happen on a regular interval by submitting this form the first time?
You don’t have to be specific about your data just a general idea of what you need repeated every Wednesday.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the response!

So we are a virtual school and one of the many uses of Airtable for us is our Live Lesson Calendars. Our teachers fill out a form with the date and time of the lesson as well as any pertinent details about the lesson. We then have the playing card view (I forget what AT actually calls it) embedding into our students Canvas courses so they can see the available live lessons. Our elementary teachers tend to have regular lesson days and times and I was wondering if it would be possible for a teacher to fill out one of our forms and then it is repeated. For example Ms. Duffy wants to have a music live lesson every Wednesday at noon until school is out. Can she just fill out one lesson and then it duplicates for each week, almost like a reoccurring calendar event. Does this make sense? Thank you so much for any help you can provide! :slightly_smiling_face:




yes thats exactly what i needed. i wanna test this before i just start talking so ill come back in a couple hours with an answer. cant say itll be the one you want but itll be an answer haha

Awesome! Thanks!


Are the lessons the same lesson repeated every week to different kids or different lessons each week to the same kids that add up to a course?

So for example a third grade math teach hosts a weekly live lesson that works with that weeks unit. There is no real description of content in the form. We would just be changing the dates.


Ok the problem im running into is that February is short and i dont know how to write the formula to conditionally change the number of days based on the number of days in that month specifically rather than a static value of 31 days. will anyone be teaching monthly classes? if not i can stop working on that