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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello i am trying to update my woocommerce image using pabbly whenever airtable record is created but i got this error. What did i do wrong?

“Error getting remote image Error: Forbidden”

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Hi there! If you’re trying to grab a picture right after the record got created (not sure where the picture is coming from), it might be that the URL is not available at the moment you’re trying to grab it (it takes a while for Airtable to save the image / attachment under

What a minute… your url starts with “http”, but it should be the secure “https”. That’s where the problem lies. Can you change that in any way?

No, this didn’t grab the url immediately after the record was created.

I am not sure if I can download the image from public url since airtable had an update 2 months ago regarding the attachment url.
Do you think this might be the issue?

No, the update is coming into effect in November this year afaik. At the moment, you can still publicly download, but you will have to use https.