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4 - Data Explorer

Help! I have a base which about 75 people need to view every day (multiple times a day), so I have been sharing the read-only base view which does use a password. Now it’s failing to work and saying “Login expired - please re-login.” Yes, they re-enter the password and try refreshing the page. As soon as we try to add a filter, error message appears. Does anyone have any solutions for this or know why it’s suddenly happening? Thanks in advance!

The error box can be dragged to the side and use the base, so that’s what I’m telling my users to do. But super lame?!? Can anyone help me get rid of this bug?

Communicating with Enterprise support is ridiculous. Every response takes +24 hours and so far they can’t ‘replicate’ the issue even though I’ve sent them a video showing the issue.

Airtable error1

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