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Hello, we have a “Pro” plan for our bases. I have a base that has a table with 3 sync sources (all coming from other bases on the same Pro account). I’m planning to have at least 5 more syncs to take place for the same table and when I’m trying to add a fourth one, I get the error below. However,

  1. In one of the threads I read that the maximum is 20 per base/table (which I have not nearly reached
  2. When I “request”, the notification comes to the owner of the account and there are no next actions, as we already have the “Pro” plan.

Upgrade to add more sync sources
This table already has 3 sync sources. To add a new source to the table, contact your workspace owner to upgrade your plan

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Edgar
20 sources is for the Enterprise plan only, Pro is 3 sources the most.

You may create a “Tree structure” with different levels to extend the synchronization possibilities:

9 source tables → synchronize in blocs of 3 to 3 different tables → synchronize those 3 into a final table

it is not optimal but it works. When you have multiple sources there is a field that tells you where a record comes from, you will need two levels of these fields to use it in the final one.

As I said, it works. I found myself with the same problem in the Enterprise plan. I need to synchro more than 40 different sources, in the end I created that tree structure and it’s up and running

Hope this helps

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Thanks for your reply!

Is it 3 sources per Table or Base? I’m able to create sources for other tables in the same base, still. Also, where is that limit defined in the pricing page? Airtable Pricing | Compare Plans, Features & Costs It says 10 Sync tables per base here


You can create as many as 10 synched tables in a base, and feed them with 3 sources at the most.
I haven’t seen this 3-sources limitation anywhere but when you start working, I don’t know if the details are available anywhere

This support article has more info about the limits.

This support article mentions daisy-chaining synced tables to overcome the source limits, as described by Xavier.

Thank you kuovonne,
I didn’t know about the article, I will take a look at it :slightly_smiling_face:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you for the responses!