Even after upgrading I can't access the search app

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7 - App Architect


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Did you upgrade to the Pro plan or the Plus plan? in order to use Apps, like the Search App, you must have a Pro plan.

You can see the features and limits for each plan type on the pricing page.

You can also learn how to use many other features of Airtable from the documentation on the support website.

Where is it mentioned in the pricing page that users with Plus won’t get the search apps ?


I don’t work for Airtable. I have no say in what is on their website or how they develop or price their product. Like most of the other people on this community forum, I am simply another person who volunteers my time to answer questions on this community forum.

You have been asking a lot of questions, and I thought I’d point you to some additional resources so that you wouldn’t have to wait until other volunteers had the time or inclination to answer you.

If you feel that Airtable misrepresented its product, I recommend you contact them directly.

@Jay_P, I feel like you have a really poor attitude and that you have been spamming our user community here with a barrage of rapid-fire, terse questions (25 terse posts in 2 weeks) that are easily answered by actually trying to use the software or by reading the Airtable documentation.

You are acting as if people here owe you some sort of a response, and yet you have simultaneously been ungrateful when people actually do answer your questions — I don’t recall you thanking anybody even once for helping you out.

Jay, everybody here is just an Airtable user, just like you. We have told you multiple times that this is not Airtable Support, and yet you keep accusing us of misleading you with the product.

If you dislike Airtable or you feel like Airtable is misleading you, then don’t use the product. It’s as simple as that.

My suggestion to you would be to take a step back from the forums and try to learn the software on your own before barraging us here. It is not our responsibility to give you a one-to-one personalized training course on learning everything there is to know about Airtable, especially when there are a zillion great resources out there to learn the software.

And when somebody does help you, try expressing some gratitude by using the words THANK YOU.