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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a table "Companies".

I would like to setup a form that would show what is already in certain fields in Companies.  The idea is the person can verify the info and use the form to make changes or additions to the existing information.  The people that would receive the form don't have access to the full Companies table because they do not need full access.  But the purpose of the form would be to update certain pieces of info.  

Is this possible?


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect


You could do something like this by building an Interface. However, I believe for anyone to access an Interface they need to be invited/have Airtable accounts so it won't work if your form needs to be fully public. Through Interfaces you can limit the Companies that are shown and even have them display/hide based on what the individual user should have access to.

Yes, with some caveats:

@kuovonne has an absolutely magnificent pre-filled form script extension that you can use to create a pre-filled form URL for each company with their information already in them. Go to the extensions and search for Pre-Filled Form.

Caveat 1. When you’re creating your pre-filled form, you need to hide any Name (first column) or linked fields because the user will be able to unselect their pre-filled record and then be able to see all the other records. Basically, anything that you can add to a form via that little ‘+add’ button are fields you want to hide on the form. 

Caveat 2. The table that holds the form submissions must be separate from the Companies table. Otherwise you will have multiple records for each company. 

Good luck!

Hm, you've got two challenges I think:

1. Displaying data from the table in a form
2. Updating the data in the table via a form submission

If you're okay throwing money at the problem, I'd suggest looking into a third party solution that just handles this for you like miniExtensions Forms.  I think On2Air's forms also allow this but I'm not 100% sure

If not, then your starting point would be to follow pressGO_design's instructions which handles part 1 for you.

For part 2, you'd then work out a system to attach those submissions to the appropriate records, and then pull over the data from the latest form submission as the "most updated" data, which would in turn be fed into the form etc