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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi Does anyone know how to amend this script so that deleted fields in base get deleted when this scripts runs. As it is now any field deletions stay put!

Thank you

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That would take more than just a simple amendment to the script. Right now the script only creates data. It doesn’t review existing data to compare it to the base schema. That review-and-modify process will take more than just a few new lines of code, which turns this into a work-for-hire endeavor for most developers. Do you have a budget to hire someone to alter the script?

Hi Justin

Thanks for your reply. I have been working on on way to incorporate the current script into my system utilising the field description, option, type and formulas to keep info input when I need to delete script and run again to clean it up. With a filter set up to keep any manual info input.

At moment also having some bugs on the scripts themselves ie randomly when run it converts itself back to the sample script - really annoying and time consuming but am in touch with Airtable regarding that issue!

But have been thinking I would like some more hands help with occasional questions on formulas, scripts etc - can sometimes take along time to find a solution! Do you have any suggestions of how to find someone

Thanks, Maria

@Maria I’d be happy to speak with you. Message me directly and we can talk about the options.