Fetching fields to show in "products" column in invoice

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi, I’ve been using Airtable for just over a month now. Now, I need to display the corresponding "Product Sell Name " so that it can be used in Page designer to create an invoice. (image attached below)
The problem is: "Product Sell Name " is getting displayed against the column “line Items 2” but they are separated by commas. I can’t use them in the “page designer app” to create an invoice.
Can you help me show, how to get the products name so that it can be used in creating an invoice?



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Welcome to the community, @Chakra!

Check out the “Linked Record Field Elements” section of the Page Designer documentation:

Thanks Scott for sparing time.
I checked out the “Linked Record Field Elements” section:

As you can see in the attached screenshot, I am not able to see “Table/List/Inline” option … why?
Does it mean I am not ‘actually’ selecting “linked record element”?

Right, it looks like you’re trying to add a lookup field. You need to select your linked record field instead, and then you can choose “table columns“ in the left margin. Take a closer look at your options in the left margin.

Thanks Scott! but another problem arises. (as seen in the Clipboard Image (3) screenshot) This time I am not getting all products from the list. Can you tell me where I am going wrong? BTW I watched yesterday your Landon Hotel DB also.

Hi @Chakra,

Thanks for watching my Landon Hotel training video! For others who are interested, you can watch it here:

Regarding your screenshot above, did you vertically expand the height of that element as tall as it can go? It’s possible that the vertical height of the element is not as tall as it could be.

If you’ve already expanded it as tall as it can go, then you might not have any more linked records for that particular record.

Thanks @ScottWorld, I am trying to arrange the amount. If I am able to manage, surely I would love to take your lessons! Have a great day!