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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Everyone,

My company want to fully use Airtable for our subscription process (training industry). Now that i’ve created the tables, I have some questions about the possibilities of AirTable :

  • For the adress, I have 3 column (Adress / Zip Code / Town) : Is there a way, if I put the adress, to automatically detect the ZIP CODE and the TOWN ? Should I use a single Column to do so ?
  • Is there a way, with map (or other) blocks to detect the distance between 2 adress ? (We want to know the distance between the trainee and our training center, because it helps us determine the refund)
  • Is there a way to detect duplicates the moment you begin to write it ? (Like in google : you type a request you’ve already done, after 3 letters it pushes you this research)

I’ve posted less than 24 hours ago so again, thank you so much for your time.


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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer
  • The zip code detection would only be as accurate as services like google maps could figure out.
    you should see what location integrations you can workwith

  • The accuracy of this is dependent on the former, again check to see what integrations are available via zapier.

  • there is a dedup (de-duplicate) block, but not the autocomplete. Its probably advisable to not have autocomplete because there can be very similar addresses, ex. as before, same address different zip code.

As @Mike_McLaughlin indicated, such functionality is provided by integrating Airtable with the appropriate PTT. I’ve built an interface to the US Postal Service using Zapier… but I’m not sure if I ever published it. I also don’t know how much help it would be to you, but I suspect the general approach is largely similar from country to country.

I put together a distance-checking integration with Google Maps using either Zapier or Integromat (or maybe I did it with both) a while back. It may have only specified distance city-to-city, but the calls use similah structuire

The most recent version of my data deduplication routines — well, all versions, in fact, but you’ll want to use v 3.0 — support real-time deduplication. The algorithm deciding whether two records match is defined by you, so it can be as strict or as fuzzy as you’d like. You can also define multiple deduplication processes in a table – so in your case you could define a process that uses the first three characters of the entered fields to determine a match. The one caveat is that all of the records of the table to be deduplicated must be linked o a single record in another table – so that link must be made prior to deduplication. This can be handled in a number of ways, including through an integration service.

I’m kind of between residences at the moment, and my time online isn’t guaranteed – but as I can over the next week, i’ll try to get the two demo integrations I mentioned documented and published.