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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I created a "lookup from another field" field, and set it up to pull 4 other fields from another table. It pulls the first field just fine, but then does NOT pull the other 3 for no apparent reason and it's driving me crazy haha. The field I'm using to test DOES have values in those 3 fields to pull, so that's not why. I don't get it. 

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you should create 4 lookup fields to pull 4 fields form other table. One lookup=pull one field. After that you can CONCATENATE them here by formula, if needed. If you check several 'add lookup field' in Linked field menu, it will add several fields (they might be hidden).

But it works in other areas of Airtable....that's what's weird. And I was able to pull more than one field in other instances.