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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m using the “Filter” function and it works great, it’s got my view down to about 200 records.
But I now need to remove approx another 40 records by “Name”, what is the easiest way to remove them?
The only way that I can find is to filter by “Name” “Does not contain” … for each record (see attached image example). IAirTable filter is there an easier way to remove certain people from my list?
Btw, I don’t want to permanently delete these records, just remove them from my filtered view.
Thanks in advance :~)

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Hi @Andy_Foster - presumably these are specific people you want to remove from the view rather than all “Robs”, all “Marks” etc?

If so an easier way would be to have a checkbox field “Remove from view” and base your filter on this field (plus location and skillset). Then you can just run through your list of 200 and check the individuals you don’t want to see.

Perfect, thanks Jonathan :~)