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4 - Data Explorer

Here’s a hypothetical scenario that describes what I’m trying to do. Let’s say I have a table that has two fields: author name and genre. I have a second table that tracks books and their genres. I would like to create a dropdown field to select an author name but I only want to see the author names that are in the genre specified in that specific row. Is it possible to use a field in one table to match up and limit the view of the dropdown values from another table?

Sorry if this is confusing.

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Hi @A_Whalen,

What you’re requesting is known as a “conditional value list”.

Unfortunately, this is not natively possible in Airtable, but there is one known workaround that one of our community leaders came up with.

You can read more about how to implement his workaround here:

Another option would be to use a script in the Scripting block. It would first ask you to pick a genre. Then it would collect a list of all authors matching that genre and let you pick from that list, storing your selection wherever you like. If you’d like help with something like this, just ask.