Finding a way to log an interface at a certain point in time and collect the data

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I wanted to log an interface at a certain point in time (such as a certain day of the year every year) and collect the data. Ideally, I can create a report/log every few months and keep track of the data and manipulate it to see how it’s changing. Is that possible for Airtable?

Thank you!

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An Interface is a representation of [Airtable] data for a human. If a human is not there to view it at the designated log time, it really doesn’t exist.

If you want to log the data presented by the Interface, you simply log the data that the Interface would show at the desired moment in time. You can do this by creating a view of the data the Interface represents and then use an automation to log the data into another table for reporting. This can be a daunting task is there are various data sources and relationships created by the Interface itself.