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4 - Data Explorer

I have been using AT for about a year now and love how I can incorporate it to my project management and our companies overall workflow. I am now starting to get the hang of forms but am wondering if I can take it a step further. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

I understand that you can embed a form onto a website to get information shot back to your AT. I am wondering if you can do the opposite and share that exact form with another individual, with pre-fille information, a pre-attached file(s) without having to share the record with the person through email. When a record if shared from the original form, the information (record) just gets emailed to the person and that does me no good because I would like to have a “single select” field where someone can approve the form that is being sent to them.

If this helps for visual/functional purposes: I want to send over a URL link (custom generated form) to individual customers so that they can approve or deny proofs that our company sends to them. This form should include: 3 single line text fields, 1 single select field and 1 attachment field.

Any help or direction would be great on how this can be achieved!

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We’re piloting a feature that might solve your problem: Airtable Approval Automation by Clockworks