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4 - Data Explorer

We are using AT to track student information across the multiple courses we offer. Each course or set of courses(up to 6) has a different facilitator. We simply want the facilitator to see all the students enrolled in their courses or courses and then input one piece of information in a field from a dropdown: complete, incomplete, NA. It seems Forms would be overkill for this and we would have to prefill too many other fields. What might be a better solution? We don’t want to give them edit rights for their view unless we can lock the other fields like the student names, email, etc. Thank you for any help!

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If you have a pro plan, it is possible to prevent edits to other fields using Field Permissions. However, if you add the facilitators as collaborators to your base, you will have to pay for them, and you might not have the budget for that. Another issue is that you will not be able to limit facilitators to editing only their courses.

If you are okay with prefilled forms, but want help in building the formula for the url, you can use the Prefilled Forms app to get a formula that creates the url for you.

Another option is to use a 3rd party portal system, such as miniExtensions, Stacker, or Softr.

Thank you for the ideas. As you mentioned, our budget is limited so adding users using Field Permissions will not work but it would definitively be a simple solution if that wasn’t a concern.

Having a large number of students with a number of facilitators makes using a prefilled form problematic but I will have look at the other third party tools you mentioned.