Forms View - How do I create a poll where participants can score people in a list from a different table?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am new to Airtable so I need help thinking this through as well as how to execute some of the steps.

Data - I have 2 tables of records: Nominees and Committee Members.

Objective - Each of the committee members needs to score each of the nominees. Those results will be averaged and displayed along side a list of each nominee.

Scoring - I would like to send an email to each of the committee members with a link or form embedded in the email. That form needs to display each nominee, their website and a few other bits of info, then the committee members need to be able to score each nominee on a scale of 1-5. So the score is the only field that the committee member is asked to enter.

Tabulate the Results - Do I need a separate table to tabulate the results? The scores will be averaged and the average score will be displayed in each nominee’s record in the nominee table.

Display the Results - Create a view that lists all of the nominees, their websites and their averaged score.

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