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4 - Data Explorer

I am building a document automation app. My staff will enter client information into a form which is uploaded into Airtable. Form there, formulas will build the parts of the document and, ideally, dump them into Formstack (Webmerge). My problem comes in that when this happens, the formatting is lost.

The formulas that I create for this purpose have html tags such as: <h1>, etc.
The word document has these headers defined.
Formstack has field mapping turned on and I have included some of their code for formatting. For instance {$variable} becomes {$variable|html2office}. Other than bolding one of the header lines, no other formatting pulls through and in the generated document, all of the lines reflect “normal” style.

The document I am generating (estate planning documents) will need a number of different levels, section numbers, etc.

Is there a better way to do this? I really do not want to dump all of the possible formulas into the word document and unnecessarily cause that file to be huge, but I am afraid that is my next step.

Formstack’s documentation on this is absolutely terrible.

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