Formula column as the Primary Key for Linked Table - Not Auto Populating

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Airtable. I recently created a linked table where based on the code it will look up on the second table for a zone.


so Centre Country is a formula referring to Centre cut and then I made it as a link to the Zone table
Zone is the Value I return from the Zone table

It works if I manually type the data in the Centre Country but I want it to automatically refer to the Centre cut and then pull the zone number.

Every time a new value comes it doesn’t update. I know I can create an automation to update but is there a way to do without creating automation or using any integrations?

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No, there isn’t really another means of doing this since linking records together is a manual process by nature. Your options are basically copy your Formula column over to your Link column, or have an automation do it for you. Setting up an automation for this would be fairly straightforward.