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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

You have a new feature where you say that the calendar view will be able to use dates that are obtained from a formula. Can you provide an example because my conditional formula is not recognized as a date. Maybe I am formatting it in the formula and that is why it is not working. Please advise.

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You have to make sure the result type of your formula is a date (and not text that just looks like a date). Common ways to end up with text that looks like a date are using DATETIME_FORMAT or doing something like IF(..., {Date field}, ""), since the "" will turn the formula into text.

Instead of DATETIME_FORMAT, you can use the “Formatting” tab of the formula editor to specify date formats, and in the conditional case, using BLANK() instead of "" will keep the formula’s result type as date, e.g. IF(..., {Date field}, BLANK()).

One way to check your formula’s result type is to look at the available summaries for the field in grid view. If the list of summaries includes “Earliest date”, then the result type is date.

Feel free to post your formula here (with sensitive information removed) for more help.

Thank you, this was my issue. I am using the 1st method and getting the text result. I will convert and let you know. Also is there a way to have multiple date fields appear from the same record in the calendar view. I believe that you use a radio button in the selection which date field the calendar will use. Why not a check box so we can select multiple dates.