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Formula/Scripting/Single Select

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I have a 2 columns that would be amazing to use as a single select. Unfortunately, I need a formula to find them. Is there a way to use scripting to run a formula to enter into the column allowing it to be used as single select?

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Could you please share more details about this? The description feels pretty vague so far, especially the general idea of somehow using two fields as a single-select. If you could fill in more of the gaps, that would make it a lot easier for folks here to help.

Yes! Sorry. I will explain the problem and the work around I use in case anyone else has the issue in the future. (And you may have a better idea)

There is a column that has a string with a “:” towards the end. I would like everything that comes before it to be in a column as well. So I use the formula TRIM(LEFT({Verse(s)},SEARCH(“:”,{Verse(s)},1)-1))

TRIM(LEFT({Verse(s)},SEARCH(“:”,{Verse(s)},1)-3)). (The second is in another column same concept). But I’d like it to be single select.

What I did is to add two single select column and run an automation that when a new item is created, the data is copied from the column that run the formula to a single select column. It isn’t pretty or clean but it works. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

If there is anyone in the forums with scripting expertise who is willing to help a novice (at best) clean this up by writing a script to do the formula, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the clarification. It’s definitely possible to have a script do the same thing as what your formula fields are currently doing, but it’s not necessarily going to change the result or make it better than it is now. It’s just going to get there via a different route.

…and that’s just fine! :slightly_smiling_face: While clean is nice, it’s not necessarily something to spend a lot of time on if it’s not going to actually change or improve the result. No need to write a script if the formulas are doing the job.

You’re absolutely correct! Thanks again for your help.