Re: Gantt chart loses click and drag when dates are a formula

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

This might be a bug.
On Gantt chart, I changed the End Date column to a formula (DATEADD) in order to insert the start date and the duration. It works fine in the table view.
But when I change the settings of the Gantt chart to use the formula column, the click and drag feature of the records in the chart is disabled, and I can only reschedule by typing into the record fields.

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Hi @Y_L,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

This is not a bug, thus is because you have a formula and therefore you cannot change the date since it will change the formula.

If you want to change the date with the drag option, change the field type to date.


Thanks for the reply.

I understand, but for project/task management (a common use of Gantt charts) I find it much more easy to insert a start date and duration, instead of start and end dates.
It would be really helpful to at least have this as a choice.


Yes I agree, I actually had the same problem and I contacted the support, thats why I knew the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

What I dis was the following:

I have a column for the start and duration and a formula. But i have a 4th row where I copied the result from the formula to, this is the end date i used in the Gantt. You can actually have a better shot at it now with the script block.

What formula did youmuse to copy that end date and make it a date format?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! How was this solved? How can I make a copy of a date in a formula column and turn it into a date column to be able to include it as the end date in a Gantt view?

For what you’re discussing here, you’d either have to use an automation or a script extension to handle it I believe

So you’d have:

  1. Start field
    • Field type: Date
  2. End field
    • Field type: Formula field that calculates the end date
  3. End for Gantt field
    • Field type: Date

You’d then have the automation trigger whenever the End field updates, and its action would be to paste the value of End into End for Gantt

Same logic with a script extension, just that you’d trigger it via a button click instead