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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I'm astounded that Airtable doesn't support global search by default. Currently, I can find text within one base table only, not in all tables within a base, let alone all Airtable bases. I've seen that the Marketplace has a Search extension, which is absurd, paying $24/month to have the privilege to search your data within a database app. It's like charging an additional fee for including a steering wheel with a car. 

This question was asked by a user in September 2020: How can I search globally in all bases? ( Major Drawback ) NOT RESOLVED PLEASE OPEN THIS AGAIN. The query was marked as Solved and closed even though the OP clearly stated in the Subject heading "Not resolved," and wrote in the text body: "No the existing search app doesnt work. See the image below. it only search in the records in current base not globally." Nobody paying attention. Sad how 3 years have passed with zero progress on this matter.

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