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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am in the process of trying to map an existing Google Form to Airtable and I am not having much success. I’m doing a test drive to just understand the process so I can then build out a larger form and automate it.

At the moment I’ve only included two fields:
Google Form:

  • Name (Short Answer)
  • Test (Multiple Choice) (“Option 1” is the only choice available")


  • Col. 1 (AutoNumber)
  • Col. 2 Name (Single Line Text)
  • Col. 3 Test (Single Select) (“Option 1” is the only choice available")

I’m using an app called Form Director to do the automation:
#; App Field; Form Field; Valid

  1.    short_text Name;    short_text Name;              done
  2.    short_text Test;    radio_button_checked Test;    done

Can someone please assist?

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