Has anyone tried TeamUp or integrated it with Airtable calendars?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi –

We’re looking more flexibility in viewing AirTable data as calendar events. Has anyone tried TeamUp, which has a number of nice and flexible calendar display features for things like yearly planning, event management, etc?


Here’s a live demo. They have a REST API but no Zapier integration yet, so I’m wondering if anyone has looked into a one-way or two-way integration with a system like this.

FWIW, here’s what we need and is missing from AirTable right now:

  1. Ability to show events (records) from multiple tables on the same calendar. I know this is an outstanding enhancement request for AT.
  2. Ability to expose an up-to-date calendar into Outlook etc and ensure it is only visible to employees. AirTable’s iCal feed doesn’t work if you lock the view.
  3. Ability to “zoom out” further than AirTable supports today, in particular multi-week (more than 2) and yearly views, both of which are available and configurable (e.g. yearly view can be configured to only show 6 r 9 mos).
  4. The agenda view is also a nice to have.

Any insights / suggestions?


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